Saturday, June 22, 2013

Huh, What???

I have been soooo Cali for the past couple of months lol. Sometimes hearing certain songs makes me miss home. I havent been back for a couple years and I have been feeling a little homesick I especially miss the fresh fruit (im from the Central Valley... San Joaquin Valley to be exact nobody has better fruits or vegetables) lol a small rant. But anywho everytime I hear this song though it makes me think of home and eating a asada or pastor taco from the taco truck. It also makes me think of one of Rickey Smiley's stand ups. This song was sampled from Master P and Young Bleed and this guy gives them a shout out at the very beginning of the song. Its a fun song that will make you move everytime you hear it. I hope you get just as excited as I do. *planning my much needed trip back home as I type* lol with no further ado... Problem~ Like whaaaat??

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Power Trip J Cole

I think that I am addicted to this song right now. Love the beat, love J. Cole's story, and Miguel what can I say, I am probably his biggest fan in the world. He is actually what drew me to this song I couldnt get the chorus out of my head. I am literally humming it as I type. I first heard the song in my Frank Ocean Pandora station and kept thinking it was Drake (because I have to listen to Pandora at work friendly volumes) Then the boo asked me if I had seen the video and I hadnt so he pulled it up for me. I was a little disturbed after I saw the video, for those who havent seen it I'll just let you watch. For those who have... What in the world??? lol. So while I love J's delievery of the story my fav lyric has to go to Miguel, mainly because he has such a beautiful voice "would you believe me if  I said I'm in love? Baby, I want you to want me..." Just watch the video and of course listen to the lyrics...

Love her!!!

So it has been a little min. I may have like 800 posts today because I have a lot of fav songs and videos right now. I posted one of my fav songs Ghost Town DJ's My Boo about a month ago. Probably the next day I heard Ciara's Body Party on the radio and was like OMG she sampled it and I just posted that song LOL. I saw the video a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you I love, love, love!! The night I saw it I watched it about 5 times back to back and have been meaning to put it up since then. I actually do not have a fav lyric in this song, its just a cute, sexy song that I like to do a body roll too haha but I do have a favorite part of the video, at the end of the first verse when she sings the chorus and says "I'm doing this little dance for you" and she and her dancers are squatting and doing a little booty bounce, I bounce right along with them every time. About two nights ago I was walking around singing this song in my moms kitchen (random I know) and my sister heard me and proceeded to tell me how much she does NOT like Ciara. I could have punched her but instead I pulled out the iPad took her to my VEVO app and made her watch the video. Needless to say she likes the song now and Ciara a little better lol... Enjoy!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life Gotten! Yaaasss!!!

OMG so I forgot how much I looove the Diddy Dirty Money album Last Train to Paris. This morning I was trying to figure out where a lyric I read somewhere came from so I googled it and it ended up being from the song "I Know" off of this album. In the bottom corner of the screen there was a Dirty Money video from YouTube of course I clicked it and as soon as it started playing I was flooded with all kinds of memories of me cruising through the streets of Atlanta in my blue VW Beetle aptly named 'Lady' (we had some great times she and I *I have a huge smile and a cartoon thinking bubble coming from the side of my head hahaha*) Anywho... The video was 'I hate that you love me' I am currently listening to it, typing and doing the Diddy Bop around my house LOL. I had to pull out my Zune now it is officially Dirty Money day and just in time for this fabulous spring weather. I just love re-discovering music! So today I present to you Diddy Dirty Money I Hate That You Love Me! Oops! almost forgot my lyrics "lets not forget, back in brooklyn, where the future, first began, lets start again, cant be over, thats what I told her, and then she said..." Enjoy!

Monday, April 1, 2013

My God is AWESOME!!

I was riding in the car with my sister and nephew last night listening to Praise 102.5 and I heard what sounded like my favorite gospel song right now Awesome by Charles Jenkins and Fellowhip Chicago playing but the beat had a little more bass to it and it had some solo spots. LOL I was bobbing my head and was like man I love this!! it must be the remix to my jam. A lady was singing then a guy came in and their voices were astounding. Then there was a beat drop and a rapper came in he had a great flow (now I do not like gospel rap, other than Lecrae lol) so I had to find out who this was. After a quick Google search which was pretty much me typing in Charles Jenkins Awesome Remix and there it was!! I found out that it is on the Canton Jones: Kingdom Business 4 album and it was Pastor Charles Jenkins feat Jessica Reedy, Issac, and Da Truth. Now I love both versions so you can listen to both below. My lyrics for this song is the entire song I love it soo much I couldn't just pick out an absolute fav!! I hope you enjoy as much as I do!!



Friday, March 1, 2013


In a weird mood tonight lol... I've just been scrolling through YouTube and I clicked on a Wale song that I love. Some people would consider some of the lyrics ratchet but Wale for me is a Poet! He can make some of the craziest lyrics sound like spoken word. I love the vibe of this song, the beat is great, you can do a meeean body roll with a stank face while grooving to it hahaha. My Line "she hurt feelings, she break hearts, she stay quiet, she play smart, she take pride, in going out, getting hollered at, and saying nah, she's no saint, but she don't pose, she don't wear makeup by the boat load..." I personally can identify with this part of the song IDK maybe I knew Wale in one of Erykah Badu's other lifetimes... Anywho lets get on with it!!
(Side note: Do you peep the bed sqeaking in the background?? pays a little homage to Trillville's  song Some Cut now dont act like you dont know what song that is LOL)

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don't Judge Me...

For some unknown reason Rocko has always been near and dear to my heart. Maybe its the hoodrat that lives deep deep deep inside of me, but he always has a tune that makes me tap my foot a little bit, no I'm lying a lot of bit, his beats make me do my hood girl two step and I get sooo excited when I hear this song in my car and especially when I am out and about. I kind of feel like I loose some I.Q. points when I listen to him, but I just cant help it. Lyric Time "Take money, I'm macho hoe, If I finess you out yo' dough, thats nacho dough...You said that was yours, survey said, thats nachos, you said that you run the town, streets say, thats nachos" Yea I know, just come along and loose some brain cells with me hahaha!!